17.30-18.45 – Beginners and intermediate level

18.50-21.00 – Self-practice with teacher


19.15-20.45 – All levels


9.15-10.45 – All levels

17.45-18.45 – Restorative yoga & Pranayama

18.50-21.00 – Self-practice with teacher


6.00-8.00 – Self-practice without teacher* Contact: 0798975037


9.00-10.30 – All levels


9.00-11.00 – Self-practice/Workshop

Beginners: 0-2 years Iyengar Yoga practice

Intermediate level: from 2 years

Restorative: This mid-week class is designed to relieve stress and strains of daily life. Āsanas are often practiced with blankets, ropes, bolsters, etc. This physical support of the body allows muscle to relax, heart rate lowers, the nervous system can be soothed and mind get calm. It also helps you to rebalance during times when you are feeling lower in energy. This 60 minute class is a great addition to your regular yoga practice and is suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced students.

Self- Practice: The studio is open for students to practice individually with or without the supervision of a teacher. The session is free of charge for those who have a regular subscription. For those who only join the self-practice, the fee is 5 chf.


Quarterly subscription

60 minutes class

10 classes: CHF 200/150 (price per class: CHF 20/15). 1x week (valid for 3 months).

75 minutes class

10 classes: CHF 250/200 (price per class: CHF 25/20). 1x week (valid for 3 months).

90 minutes class

10 classes: CHF 300/250 (price per class: CHF 30/25). 1 x week (valid for 3 months).

20 classes: CHF 450/400 (price per class: CHF 22.50/20 ). 2 x week (valid for 3 months).

Annual subscriptions

40 classes: CHF 1100/900. 1x week (valid for 1 year).

Trial classes & discounts

-Trial class: CHF 20

-Trial month 4 classes: CHF 100 

-Single class without quarterly subscription: CHF 35

-Students and AHV have a discount (price on the right)

-Private classes by arrangement

Bank account

Lladiu de la Mata Yoga

Alternative Bank Schweiz

IBAN: CH1108390038253010006


2% of the profit goes to charitable organisations

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